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Audio recordings from our 30th Anniversary Mission held in November 2013, conducted by Pastor Ian Wilson


Sunday 3rd The writing on the wall
Monday 4th The dying thief
Tuesday 5th Prophecy - As in the days of Lot
Wednesday 6th The woman at the well
Thursday 7th No remedy
Friday 8th Prophecy - The tale of three suppers
Sunday 10th Thou art not far from the kingdom
Monday 11th I am the door
Tuesday 12th Prophecy - The types of Anti-Christ
Wednesday 13th The Psalm of the Cross
Thursday 14th Make your mind up time
Friday 15th Prophecy - Daniel's Seventy Weeks
Sunday 17th Who's shoes would you like to be in?


Sunday 3rd Tina Stewart
Monday 4th Billy Parker
Thursday 7th George Thom
Sunday 17th Stanley Stewart