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Sunday School Children's and Youth services 2013

There were very large attendances at both services on Sunday 23rd June for the annual Children's and Youth services 2013.


The welcome at both services was given by Grace Jeffers and Charlie Smyton. Gareth McKeown Senior Bible class teacher opened in prayer at the morning service whilst in the evening this duty was performed by Sunday School teacher David Trainor. A number of recitations were said which included "What can I give Him?" by Rebecca Ferguson, "Candy Cane" by Ethan Smith and Charlie Smyton, "Good Enough" by Amie Trainor, "Sound Advice" by Rebecca Stewart, "God is near" by Katie Drummond, "The Lighthouse", by Alex Cooke, "Thank you" by Joe Fields. A poem entitled "All is Well" was said by two of the junior Bible class, Nicole Stewart and Chelsea Gibson. Rev. Malcolm Patterson remarked how difficult it can be to get young people to learn the Word of God. He expressed his gratitude to both parents and Sunday School teachers who had sought to teach God's Word during this past year.


Several verses from various parts of the Bible were quoted by both senior and junior Bible classes and also by the Sunday School. These included Horatio Holdsworth, Grace Jeffers, Charlie Smyton, Jamie Ferguson, Rachel Ferguson, Jodie Lee Dobson, Ryan Wilkinson, Lee Samson, Keeva Smith, Lucy Jeffers, Leah Reid, Lauren Brownlow, Leah Crooks, Jake Drummond, Katie Campton, Estella Bell, Ethan Smith, Jac McKnight, Lewis Farrell, Ben Smyton, Nicole Stewart, Ewan Blair, Lois Cooke, Andrew Brown, Jamie Smyton and Niamh Smith. During the services all the children sang, 'Good news to all the World' and 'God is in Control'. Mrs. Black, Mrs Thom and Mrs. Stewart's class sang 'O be Careful Little Eyes'


A number of other items were sang beautifully which included 'Twinkle Twinkle', by Joe Fields and Rebecca Ferguson, 'I am Redeemed' by Leah Hamilton, Megan Reid and Leah Reid. Alfie Bell and Daniel Brown from the senior Bible class accompanied themselves with guitars and sang a number of pieces.


The offering was collected by Charlie Dowie, Jordan Campton, Isaac Bell and Andrew Brown.


The farewell was said by Megan Reid and Leah Hamilton. During the evening service Jonathan Wensley skilfully played a number of hymns on the bagpipes. The guest speakers for the day were Mrs Ruth Lavery in the morning and Mr. Paddy Crozier in the evening. Both brought very challenging addresses.


At the close of the evening service Mrs. Olive Patterson Sunday School Superintendent thanked all the parents who faithfully sent their young ones to the Sunday School and the Bible Classes. She expressed her gratitude to all the leaders, Mr. Gareth McKeown senior Bible class, Rev. Malcolm Patterson junior Bible class and to Mrs. Hilary Black, Mrs. Tina Stewart, Mrs. Eileen Young, Mrs. Kathleen Thom and Mr. David Trainor. She also thanked the organist Mrs. Grace Brown, Mr. Stewart Brown and Mr. Winston Thom for all the work they did behind the scenes. Also Mr. Roy Stewart for looking after the PA system and Mr. Timothy Patterson for the power point.


Prizes were distributed at the end with several of the children receiving special prizes for unbroken attendance during the year. For every four years full attendance an additional prize is given which includes a framed certificate and money. Jamie Smyton had completed four years, Alex Cooke eight years and Robyn Cooke twelve years. Robyn also received a study Bible.


Mrs. Patterson closed in prayer.